General FAQs

A. Joining Process
  1. I'm new. How do I signup as a Team member for a Venture?
    You need a user account in order to participate in an online venture. Please check with your Officer for your account details. As an online user, you may be assigned into a Team, or you may start one or request to join one.
  2. I'm new. How do I signup as an Officer/Facilitator?
    Please check with BBHQ for your Company account details.
  3. Can I sign up as a visitor or member of public?
    ValuesVenture is currently restricted to only members of The Boys' Brigade in Singapore.
B. The BB Citizenship Badge
  1. When do the Boys need to complete this online module for the Badge?
    This is required for Stage 2 and 3 of the BB Citizenship Badge.
  2. How many Teams may a Company register?
    There is no limit to the number of Teams a Company may register. An ideal group should consist of 3-6 members with 1 facilitator.
  3. Is there a closing date for the registration of Teams?
    There is no closing date. Companies may decide when and how to organize to complete these Badge Stages.
  4. What are Officers/Facilitators responsible for?
    Officers/Facilitators should (i) help organise Team participation and completion of their Ventures and (ii) facilitate the Check-ins at the end of each of 4 Venture Zones. In general, Officers should help Teams focus on the Venture process to maximize the values learning opportunities, and not simply the delivery of the Venture product.
C. Venture System
  1. How are Teams guided through the Venture Zones?
    Teams are guided through the Venture Zones through the self-paced online modules. These online modules consist of questions and Venture Tips that are accessible to Teams and Facilitators from the website. On clearing a Zone, Teams proceed to Check-in. Facilitators may review answers given to both the essential questions and the Check-in.
  2. What are Check-ins and why are they important?
    Check-ins are where Facilitators guide the reflection and insights needed to foster growth. Check-in questions cover 3 Areas of Learning: (i) Social Learning centers on the aspects of working in a Team to impact a target group in society; (ii) Emotional Learning focuses on the inner journey of forming personal dispositions, values and identity; (iii) Adventure Learning reflects on the experiences with real-world challenges.
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